Your Requirements, Our Discoveries

Recruit. Edify. Retain.

Our Establishment

Every foundation starts with a simple thought of practicing unique ideas. We constituted HupTech Consultancy Services with a similar chain of thoughts where the unique ideas of a successful Human Resource Manager were all set to be executed for a personal venture. Partnering with two other brilliant minds made the firm complete and ready to roll in 2017. With extensive experience in human resources, HupTech Consultancy Services has had a secure take-off in the industry.

Belonging to the industry where the most important asset is a human resource, we value our team the most. With HR managers experienced enough to find a diamond in the rough to our specialized team acing the game at their own field, our screening process has a creative touch to it with a unique mantra of bending the standard norms as per the requirements of organizations. This quirky approach to creating a perfect match between the talent and organizations has led us to the path of successful staffing.

The Vision Of Our Recruitment Odyssey

Hup- A command to march rhythm is the essence of our organization. We share a vision of being the best consultants, to grow individually in our own pursuits, and to keep ourselves grounded enough to update with the changing requirements. Our vision is to conduct business where we, as an organization, we, as individuals, and all our associated clients grow and nourish at the same time.

The Missionary Pursuit Of Huptech Consultancy

Satisfaction is the salient mission of Huptech Consultancy. We adhere to reach our organizational goals and walk hand-in-hand with the objectives of our clients. Our mission is to pursue work unanimously as a team, sharing the vision of our milestones, proffering unparalleled recruitment services to our clients and building a brand of trust, success, and satisfaction.

The Building Blocks Of Huptech Consultancy


We believe it is our work that defines us, that makes us what we are. And Excellence is what we strive for to define who we are!


Success is unquestionably a failure without integrity. We know nobody is watching us but we don’t want to steep low in our own eyes. We want to earn what we do!


Our existence is a waste if we don’t thrive on anything. We love what we do, it’s our passion to pick the right flower from the field!


As a team, we may have disagreements, as associates, there might be some discrepancies, but in no case do we lose the crux of being humans- respect for each other.


Clarity is what keeps us going like a shooting arrow, straight to the bull’s eye. Without it, we are just another brick in the wall.


Our actions are accountable for the results we derive. There’s no escaping from that and we never will.