Bulk Hiring

Mass Recruiting To Check Off Your Every Requirement

Managing candidates all through the hiring process just for a single post can consume your precious hours, energy, and money, let alone doing the same for multiple positions at the same time. Mass recruitment is a concrete requirement of the industry for expanding the business in all the right ways. However, can you afford to spend your human as well as capital resources on bulk hiring which you are not even sure of whether the association would last or not?

Huptech HR Consultancy provides impeccable Mass Recruiting Services in line with all your profiling needs and budget. We have a different selection approach for a startup and an established business eliminating the errors that normally affects the business when the criteria remain unchanged for both. With experience in their respective fields, our hiring team is adept at picking out freshers, mid-level, and top-notch professionals in bulk in technology, pharmacy, software, finance, FMCG, telecom, oil & gas, and manufacturing.

Immaculate Enactment For Mass Recruitment

We make sure our Mass Recruitment Services follow a transparent approach in the most economical way possible. We provide an opportunity to include the most talented, committed, and intelligently screened individuals in bulk and here is how we enact to achieve that goal:

Employees can not only bring value to the business but are also a powerful source of developing connections. We understand that and put this fact into practice by asking for employee referrals as the result of this approach has hardly failed for anyone. Say, for instance, if we have 100 employees and each of them puts out the word of the bulk hiring spree, assuming that each employee may have at least 200 connections, 20,000 people will be aware of the opening which can make it a successful attempt.

Technology plays a huge role in driving the business regardless of the niche. Huptech Consultancy Services align all the processes with the current technology to speed up the Mass Recruitment. The data of each and every person ever interviewed with us remain in our database perfectly sorted. With Applicant Tracking System, the entire mass recruitment drive will have an immaculate execution leaving no room for errors and mismanagement. We are also heading towards automation for bulk hiring. You can absolutely rely on our technology-driven processes to witness the smoothest bulk hiring.

Our team consists of executives from different backgrounds with a specialization in human resources. We make sure that the best of representatives are included in the mass recruitment team regardless of the industry you represent. We analyze the performance of our employees and choose the ones who have provided the best retention rates in the respective niche before compiling the bulk hiring team. Right from the identification to assessment and face-off interviews, everything is handled by the appointed specialists.

Although a bit traditional, the use of job portals is one of the effective methods of bulk hiring. We stay updated on all prominent job boards and the more important thing is our work is continuous, we keep on shortlisting for positions which are in demand even if we are in no need then. In case of colossal hiring requirements, Huptech Consultancy arranges job fairs at the premises or any other suitable venue where there’s more probability of the candidate’s arrival post reading the ads and social media posts.

Networking has simplified every aspect of our personal as well as professional life. With social platforms as powerful as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, any fresh breakthrough is bound to reach thousands of people. We make sure all our social media handles put up an attractive announcement of the mass recruitment drive to let our followers know about the opened opportunity. We also utilize our associated companies, personal, and organization’s groups to publicize the bull recruitment drive to acquire the maximum applicants possible.

It is evident that bulk hiring can possibly have both, a requirement for hundreds for the same position, or in case of turnkey recruitment, staffing for a newly established organization. Huptech Consultancy can assist you in both the cases without hampering the standards of the selection procedure. Our field experts develop the selection criteria for every single post after analyzing the professional expertise level our clients need. The basic clearance of aptitude will also be classified into entry-level, mid-executive, and high-executive for a thorough understanding of the applicants.

There’s always a timeline which is crucial for the organizations to follow to avoid unnecessary investments. We make sure to clear the air on the minimum time that we might require for assembling your crew. We are always open to trying out new approaches suggested by our clients just to keep the budget in line and skip a few of ours. Huptech Consultancy does have an exemplary experience and we take pride in proffering the best mass recruitment services under the budget you choose. We honestly embrace the time and budgetary constraints with our clients.

Service Process Cycle


We identify the mass recruitment essentials and map them with the prospective candidates.


Drafting of an invitation to the recruitment drive for mid and high-level executives.


Through a series of tests and HR interviews, we screen the already filtered candidates.


As per the norms, we team up with our client’s mass recruitment representatives to sign the final candidates.

Why Huptech Consultancy For Mass Recruitment?

  • The base, the founders of Huptech Consultancy have an extensive experience in mass recruitment
  • We make time the most crucial factor to get in line with our client’s goals
  • We have hired the best professionals for managing recruitment drives involving participants in thousands
  • Our hiring processes are free of loopholes assuring the best retention rate in the industry