Executive Search

Let’s Find The Alpha For Your Firm- Executive Search On Point

Headhunting is absolutely the most indispensable task for every organization. And why not, for a ship to sail through safely, it needs a good captain. Someone who can command to work but not to rule, someone who understands that his decisions will be the driving force for the company, someone who is conceptually experienced, not just on his resume and we, Huptech Consultancy are all set to look for that person for your organization.

Our networking with the pioneers of the industry has let us have the anchorage in the circle of executives. With each team member having a deep understanding of how their respective domains function at the elevated point of an organization, we know exactly what to look for in the executive. We devise strategies which align with the not only the technical requirements but also the ethical standards of the organization. Huptech Consultants have a team of exceptionally skilled researchers and analytics which play the backbone for the alpha search of our clients.

Microscopic Search To Fill Your Organization’s Apex

Executive Search Services is the most personalized service we offer here at Huptech. It is a huge responsibility to find a person that has all the qualities that an alpha can possibly have and we make it easy by taking an unbelievably personal interest in knowing what the organization wants. We come up with a questionnaire to understand the horizons of our clients and know everything there is to know about the culture and conduct of the organization. The person appointed to you can be your confidante with whom you can share all the bars you’ve set for a prospect.

Our consultants network with the peers personally on the professional networks which allow us to primarily know their professional conduct. Of course, we can map their achievements and success through their posts but we are bound to go deeper for a thorough search. With network so strong, we never fail to grasp small or big incidences that might have affected the reputation of the executives may be it employee treatment or professional irresponsibility. We stay indomitable when it comes to digging the history of the heads we consider for our clients.

‘The Eventual Docket’ is what we call our list of the prospects and your head is supposed to be the one from this list. Once we figure out who has the potential to take your company’s reigns without causing disruption, our pursuit of churning the details starts. We schedule prolonged interviews which will be more like conversations to hit the right chord in normalcy. We strongly believe that heading for productive conversations can make you see what just a set of questions might never be able to determine all alone.

The head executive of a company is not a nugatory position and drafting an offer should have the weight of its importance. Instead of going for the petty throws, we help the clients to come up with a strong, unwavering figure which does justice to the post without putting anything at risk. Of course, that is not an implication of weakness as we cannot set the bar higher than the company norms but a trust-based negotiation can be triggered only if the first offer interests the candidate.

A new runner of the show replaces the old and evidently, everything changes. There is always a tinge of discomfort among the mid-level employees post this replacement and the same can be said for the new senior executive. To simplify the critical beginnings, we offer assistance to the newly hired by enabling the integration process in different ways. Huptech Consultants stay in touch with the newly appointed senior executive and provide all the HR related assistance in every way we can. Regular feedbacks are also in line post 3 months of the appointment to maintain the equilibrium.

Service Process Cycle


We literally study the prospective candidates for the senior executive post.

Quality Mapping

After knowing the client’s priorities, we map the organizational qualities and come up with ‘The Eventual Docket’.


We line up conversations with every person present in ‘The Eventual Docket’ to take the next step.


After negotiations made in the interviews, we draft a final offer for the executive picked by your personnel.

Why Huptech Consultancy For Executive Search?

  • Our Head Hunting objectives are crystal clear- Devising cutting-edge hiring
    strategies that yield innovative results
  • We deliver extraordinary value to each of our clients
  • Integrity is the crux of our organization and we look for the same in all our associations
  • Affordability and timeliness are two other factors that are weaved in our proceedings