Recruitment Process Outsourcing- The Hassle-Free Way Of Hiring The Best, Always

When we planned on getting an online front, we didn’t bother to hire an in-house development team, instead, we outsourced the entire project. Our prime focus is HR and we didn’t want our attention to be divided unless it was something decisive. Now, if you are a development company, especially a start-up, there’s a fair chance that the hiring process is engulfing huge amount of your hours and resources which you should have spent on your niche.

With Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services of Huptech Consultancy, you can actually get rid of all your hiring worries at once. Our comprehensive database of thousands of pre-screened professionals allows us to devise significantly better hiring strategies for our clients who choose to outsource all their HR requirements. Our recruitment processes are streamlined without the clashes of disjointed departments which is what usually affects the hiring decisions elevating the operational costs of the organization.

The Copybook Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services By Huptech

Temporary projects come with hundreds of uncertainties which makes them a high-risk assignment, especially when you would need to hire a new team for it. Our RPO on-demand services allow the organizations to outsource HR management requirements for such projects. We handle all the essentials from hiring the team for your project to their payroll, leave management, contracts, etc. until the project is given the status of ‘accomplished’.

The complications of setting up an HR department are high and there are instances where your HR team is itself disrupted or is overloaded. In any of the cases, you might need external assistance for a while. Huptech’s Provisional RPO services allow the companies to hire us as their HR handlers on a temporary basis. Our Provisional RPO services are not limited to replacements, we enjoy working with startups as their outsourcing HR partner as and how they prefer.

We are here to build dependable recruitment models in any way we can. Our workforce planning is strategically developed after assessing the requirements. What we believe is that there’s always room for improvement. If your HR administration is staggering with unprofessionalism and all you need is a protective hat over it which protects you from the uncertain rain, Huptech Consultancy is here to guide you through it. Organizations can connect with us to seek consultation on their recruitment process on temporary as well as permanent basis.

Okay, who wouldn’t want to work for Google? Or who would turn down the offer from Amazon? No one in their right mind would do that unless some other giant is in the game, but why? Well, they are THE brands with whom everyone wants to work. While we may not be in line with them but nothing is stopping us to create a brand of our organizations. Our Employer Branding services give your organization an image of one of the most eligible companies in the market which indirectly makes the hiring process easier.

Service Process Cycle


We assess your department’s requirements or HR skills and consult on RPO services.


We design a recruitment plan for your organization matching your requirements.


With all set with an approved model, we act on our ideas and run your HR administration.


We analyze our services on a regular basis and provide a detailed report at the end of every month.

Huptech Consultancy- Why We Are Ideal For RPO Services?

  • Our recruitment process align with organizational culture, budget, timeline, and technical standards
  • We thrive on growth and with apt analytics, we make the needful changes to make the execution flawless
  • We track important metrics such as time-to-fill to avoid delusional assumptions
  • Client satisfaction is our prime goal and we do everything in our power to achieve that.
  • We are in constant touch with our RPO clients