Temporary and Permanent Staffing

Temporary Staffing- Partner Permanently With Us To Win The Temp Battle

With ever-changing norms of the government and the rotatory trends in technology, the organizations can get hit by the storm of unknown market demands which needs an interim staffing arrangement. Huptech Consultancy proffers infallible temporary staffing solutions allowing the organizations to get their workload off without investing in the finances of permanent engagements or in the time for the unnecessary paperwork. With just the apt executives from varying departments, our temporary staffing agency eliminates all the HR aggravations for you.

Permanent Staffing- Our Unparalleled Commitment Is What Brings Results

Permanent Staffing is the sign that organization needs to see the commitment of the candidates not for doing the best but doing the best for as long as they can. Investing time and money in staffing the teams is quite an unnerving process for organizations when there’s already a short-supply of employees. Huptech Consultancy relates well to all the concerns of permanent staffing and we customize our services to get the best out of the entire process. With tried and tested approaches, we offer optimum talents for hiring candidates for any level with the fastest turnaround time.

The Stairway To A Successful Staffing Spree

The results can be boastful but it’s the approach that has the potential to give an outline of the end-picture. We would like to share the stairway we use for a successful staffing spree to give a gist of what’ll be waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

Requirements are the base of every process and the clearer essentials are, the smoother is the process of devising a plan. Whether you are looking for temporary staffing or permanent, we will churn the different angles of your preconditions and will stay committed to them. Our professional network of potential candidates is in tens of thousands and we keep ourselves adhered to your listings to pick only the quintessential candidates for the position.

Hiring requirements vary with every organization and with that changes our staffing strategies. We make sure to customize our techniques for you. From approaching the job shifters who have a vacant period for temporary positions to targeting the great-at-job employees who are not looking for a change but can be ‘gold’ for your organization, we develop strategies that are cut out just for you.

Running an organization is much more than just providing services exactly like hiring is much more than appointing a person to a specific position. There is an array of laws that the companies need to abide by which are often a hindrance. Huptech Consultancy takes over all your administrative obligations including gratuity, PF, ESIF, etc. and we make sure the temporary or permanent employment complies with all the statutory regulations in the market.

Temporary staffing is either the sign of cutting costs or share the abrupt and temporary workload. In any case, our staffing services will eliminate the possible elevation in the costs of hiring, training, or any other HR procedure. We look for candidates who are known for their commitment to the organizations for permanent staffing to reduce the bounce-rate costs of hiring and training. Just like our clients, we too are in it for cost-effective staffing.

With hundreds of projects in the pipeline and a shortage of talent, running your own HR department can be tiresome and a financial black hole as well. The best-case scenario in such situations is to outsource your HR administration. Huptech Consultancy has the best of attorneys, accountants, and insurance experts on call who work on all the temporary/permanent contracts, employee leasing, and all the other HR administrative tasks.

Service Process Cycle


Our analytics team comprehends with your requirements in a detailed Q/A session.


We devise a customized strategy of approach for temporary/ permanent staffing.


Targeting the qualifications and commitment ratio, we shortlist the best candidates.


We follow-up with the candidates with a temporary/permanent contract.

Why Huptech Consultancy For Temporary and Permanent Staffing Solutions?

  • Huptech Consultancy does a thorough background check before considering the employees, especially for permanent staffing
  • Our legal advisors make sure the contracts drawn are free of loopholes and comply with all the legal marks
  • Our team includes the maestros from every industry to look over the entire hiring process of the respective organization
  • We make sure our deliverables are in the required timeframe with optimal options for temporary/permanent staffing